Topflight Pomeranians
This page is specially created for my dear mentor Jen Hryniuk at Jenuwane who is the one who always help me, give me, teach me and feed me everything for Pomeranians. I can not thank my teacher enough by words. This becomes the 1st record of pawprint in my heart for Pomeranians.

Jen is not only the ordinary mentor but she is the great provider to us as well, she gave me her great bitch Proda "Jenuwane Custom Made" in order to be my 1st foundation bitch even we just knew each other for a short period. We rather have a very similar way of thinking in Pomeranion and tied us to make a common goal of promoting the correct Pomeranians and making other people known what is the correct Pomeranians should looked.

Our next step plan is to breed Proda to the great Canadian pomeranian stud before sending Proda to Thailand. We spent a serveral months discussion over and over, each stud one by one, Finally we agreed to the best stud, "Can/Am/AOM/ Multi.BPIS/ Group/BPISS/ROM #2 Dog In Canada BabyDoll's Buckle Up Ur Genes aka: Studly" Thanks to Deb at BabyDoll who trust us and allowed us to use Studly for Proda.

With the great contribution from Jen, My dream started to come truth gradually, the light is at the end of tunnel, we are moving though it at full speed to prove "YES WE CAN" and to prove that we can make such as a great structure Pomeranian without(or less chance) BSD if we carefully planed and breed with the selective pomeranian stud by heart not business.

Because of such a great help to my kennel from Jen, we are so thrilled "Topflight" is named by Jen to be "Home of the correct show pomeranians in Thailand" Thanks you VERY VERY much again my teacher Jen, you are not alone. Proda will make your flagship in Thailand. See the below link to Jenuwane website
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