Topflight Pomeranians
  2nd litter Proda vs Studly
Dam : Jenuwane Custom Made (Can.Ch.Pointed) "Proda"
Sire : AOM/Can/Am/Ch.Babydolls Buckle Up Ur Genes aka "Studly"

This is one of the most exciting combination for us because both Proda and Studly are superb producers!!!

Just to update the litter of Proda and my experience. It would be benefit for other pom breeders, I am just sad and happy. Proda was mated to Studly in Canada and sent from Canada to Thailand at 5wks pregnant. She was accidentally missed the flight by KLM error and left her in the container over night at freeze temperature. She was very shocked and stressfull, that caused her delay the shipment to me 2more days. She was in warehouse for a couple days. I were very angry and serious, she was alive with wing angels!!!! because of the stuff inside the container became insulator for her. Without that stuff, she was already died. The day I X-Ray her, I were very happy with 3puppies inside, when the 1st puppy was born, female and died in inside the sac. I were shocked and immediately drove to vet, the 2nd puppy(male) was born in the car safely and healthy. Then we reached the vet office, she X-ray to see the 3rd puppy so that she can decide whether injection is needed or not. Somehow the 3rd puppy was out and so small, the 3rd puppy was not mature delvelopped yet and died inside Proda since 5wks time by such a nightmare KLM shipment. Proda was shocked and stressed and impact to the litter.

Topflight N Jenuwane In My Style "Hero" was the only alive male puppy due to the nightmare KLM handling error. He is so healthy because he was proven and passed KLM Temperature Cold Shock Test with her mother from such nightmare. Below is his picture at 10days. He has chunky short body, very good bone, wonderful wide front and rear. We are so exciting to see how he developed and became our 1st foundation stud. Hero is born to be Hero!!! See his page more detail of his development

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